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Languid Bodies (2021-22)

Mixed media installation

'Languid Bodies' explores the intersections between fitness, labour and craft through a feminist lens. Using gym equipment as sculptural motifs, I have created a family of weights – they loll, exhale, and curl up, acting as individual characters. 

I am a builder of bodies.

Robots perform exercises which have no effect on their

strength. The bodily becomes the technical, controlled by

the code I write, performing on loop; curling and juddering

until reaching exhaustion.


Deadlift (2021-22) (assembled)

Polyurethane rubber


Ahhhhh (2022)



Deadlift (2021-22) (disassembled)

Polyurethane rubber, fibreglass


Pumping Iron (2021-22)

Polyurethane rubber, nylon, robotics, MDF

I make hard bodies soft, soft bodies hard. Leaning into the materiality of the gym, bodybuilding and traditional figurative sculpture. Manipulating matter to form the desired shape - lifting, carving, chasing. Can monuments be lethargic, introverted or honest? This one tries to be. It has deflated after assisting a mother’s labour, a desk jockey’s polyester pocketed buttocks

and a gym bunny’s back. Supporting no more, its work is done.


Deadlift (2022)


Performer: Théïa Maldoom

Photographs by Gabriel Mansfield

To activate my cast sculptures, I collaborated with performer Théïa Maldoom. Using physical comedy, deadpan humour and static poses as points of reference and return, a semi-improvised (durational) routine is enacted. Liveliness and inactivity segue into one another; both are spattered with moments of slapstick and tenderness.

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