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Working(s)-out (2021)


Duration: 6 minutes, 9 seconds

The use of performance to camera references the home-workout, a prevalent feature of online culture during the COVID-19 pandemic. These representations of the body on YouTube and Instagram introduce an instructional formality, they promote the notion of the functional and what Michel Foucault calls the ‘docile’ body. We have become ‘docile’ bodies, limited by the parameters of our dwellings, our furniture and also by our yoga mats. These performances are small acts of resistance, desires to be active bodies.

The pandemic significantly hindered the arts. However, I chose to unite creatives through times of isolation by collaborating.


Théïa Maldoom

Tasha Hess-Neustadt 

Eevi Kinnuen 


Emma Iskowitz 

Yuma Sylla 

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