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Body Sculpture (2021)



Untitled (2021)

Sugar, wood


Pumping Iron (2021)


Temporary Truth, a group exhibition and event was organised by the curatorial collective Pro Tempore Art and was held at the Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen. It was a performative display, making use of three of the museum’s plinths, from which the original works were temporarily removed. The role of the museum guide and curator was explored via a group of performers (led by Troels Ullerup and Piet Gitz-Johansen). They carried work (by emerging artists) around the building until placing them upon the empty plinths, occupying them with new pieces and in turn creating a different discourse. Three of my sculptures were featured in the collaboration and dialogue between the museum, the performers, the plinths and the statues that once stood there.  

The catalogue.


Performed by Troels Kortegaard Ullerup, Piet Gitz-johansen, Naomi Camille Hanna and Fafaya Katrine Mogensen.

Images taken by Jakob Storm.

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