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Untitled (Fair) (2017-18)

Front view

Carpet, plastic edging, table, chair, acrylic on canvas, acrylic on potato, plaster, paper, blazer, pin, foam board, video

Images from 'Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show 2018'



Left side view

Carpet, plastic edging, plaster



Untitled (Flâneuse) (2018)


Duration: 5 minutes 22 seconds


Right side view

Carpet, plastic edging, wood, cotton gloves, plaster, stickers, potato


Back view

Carpet, plastic edging, plaster, potatoes, plastic mannequin, suit, shirt, tie, shoes, socks, expanding foam, epoxy resin, acrylic, paper



Untitled (Fair) (2017-18) explores the art world itself, specifically its corporate side via a mock art fair. The installation consists of three zones: the front of the stall, including an abandoned sales desk, resting on top of which are stacks of blank plaster cast business cards, and hung on the walls are artworks supposedly for sale. Around the side of the booth is the stock room, with wooden crates, an art handler’s cotton gloves and sheets of red dot stickers. Around the back of the booth lies the behind-the-scenes of the artworld, littered with its detritus, including plaster canvases, cast till rolls and a suited art fair attendee, crumpled by sheer consumer exhaustions. Through dark humour and a narrative thread this work reconfigures iconic elements of the art world, confronting issues surrounding the art market and its capitalist nature, art production and the notion of success. Viewers are left to question the sincerity of this corporate realm, as well as the authenticity of the items making up the installation.  

With thanks to Poppy Richards and the kids at Edinburgh Palette's Primary Art Club


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