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Untitled (Supermarket) (2018-19)

Mixed media installation

Video, plastic, plaster, rubber, wood, metal, acrylic, cardboard, tins, stickers, PLA, vacuum packing machine, fridge, pots, audio


Cheesy Eyes (2019)


Duration: 5 minutes 8 seconds

DSC_0350 copy.jpg

Untitled (2019)

Rubber, wood, acrylic, plaster

DSC_0324 copy.jpg

Is this a freshly printed chicken? (2018-19)

Video, PLA, plastic, vacuum packing machine

Duration: 1 minutes 2 seconds


Carrion (2018-19)

Plaster, plastic, cardboard, tins, stickers

DSC_0312 copy.jpg
DSC_0370 copy.jpg
DSC_0401 copy.jpg

Hi, how can I help you? (2019)

Interactive audio, pots, fridge

Untitled (Supermarket) (2018-19) is an installation operating as a quasi-retail space come factory. The elements that make

up the multimedia display divulge observations that I have made since the start of my employment, as a counter assistant

in a supermarket. I have been involved in a covert artist residency whilst serving customers cheese, fish, rotisserie chickens and meats. Playing upon this all too familiar environment, the pieces discuss themes regarding consumerism, technology, emotional labour and mass production; from proposing the future of food production, to capturing the primality and fortitude humans have for finding bargains. 

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